ANZ/Property Council Survey

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While these numbers are still squarely in positive territory, policy makers need to take stock of these results, given the significance of the property industry as a driver of investment, jobs and economic activity.

Ken Morrison, Chief Executive - Property Council of Australia.

The ANZ/Property Council Survey gauges the property industry’s:

  • sentiments about the outlook for Australia’s national and state/territory economies;
  • views on property asset class performance;
  • employment intentions;
  • expected work flows; and,
  • critical industry drivers.

The most recent survey canvassed the views of over 900 respondents - including, owners, developers, agents, managers, consultants and government - across all major industry sectors and regions. 



The survey was most recently conducted for the September 2018 quarter. Over time, the ANZ/Property Council Survey will track changes in sentiment across property types, markets, as well as identify the determinants of industry confidence.

 David Plank 135

The survey results support our view that house prices are set for a sustained decline. Respondents from within the housing sector share that outlook, especially in relation to Sydney and Melbourne.

David Plank, Head of Australian Economics - ANZ.