Australian Infrastructure Priority List 2020

CITIES & INFRASTRUCTURE • February 28, 2020

Infrastructure Australia has released the 2020 Infrastructure Priority List, presenting 147 infrastructure proposals of national significance across Australia – the largest number since the list’s inception.

The latest edition of the Priority List identifies a project pipeline worth more than $58 billion – including 6 New High Priority Projects and 17 New Priority Projects.

Headlining this year’s resilience focused planning and investment guidebook, are five new High Priority National initiatives covering water, the nation’s rapidly growing waste problem, coastal inundation and road maintenance. Infrastructure Australia has specifically identified a new High Priority Initiative for a National water strategy well as a new Town and city water security High Priority Initiative.

The 2020 Infrastructure Priority List features 37 new infrastructure proposals added since the publication of the previous edition in February 2019. These additions support the existing proposals on the list, establishing a comprehensive road map of the priority investments we need over the next 15 years.

Additionally, 11 proposals on the list have been updated. Updates reflect when a proposal is taken up by new proponents, progresses to new stages, adapts to new challenges or becomes more time critical.

The Priority List identifies a record 147 nationally significant infrastructure proposals, with 6 High Priority Projects, 17 Priority Projects, 36 High Priority Initiatives and 88 Priority Initiatives. This provides all levels of government with an evidence‑based list of infrastructure investment opportunities for the near, medium and longer term.


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