Return To CBDs Should Be The New Year Resolution

OFFICE • December 10, 2020

Office occupancy in Australia’s major CBDs is still well below pre-COVID pandemic levels, and most building owners and managers do not expect to see a material increase in CBD office occupancy for at least three months.

Property Council of Australia Chief Executive Ken Morrison said a national plan to support thriving CBD economies should be a priority for all levels of government in 2021.

“For every worker that returns to their office, that is more business for CBD cafes, restaurants, retail outlets and other service providers.”


Furthermore, the Property Council has proposed National Cabinet implement a national roadmap for the reactivation of CBD economies, including:

  • consistent direction from state and territory governments on the return to workplaces aligned with current health advice, with the public service leading by example
  • boosting confidence in using public transport through increased capacity with the implementation of hygiene measures and the mandatory use of masks for commuters
  • a review of physical distancing requirements in specific settings so that businesses can confidently plan their workers’ return with nationally consistent criteria
  • a plan to safely restart migration during 2021, with international students first to return through an expanded quarantine program which could then be developed to include criteria for business migration and leisure travel


For more information on the latest Office Occupancy Survey results, click here.


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