Research & Data

Customised Research

We also offer customised services for office and retail research that is tailored to your needs. If your request goes beyond our collection of data we will direct you to a credible alternative source.

The information we have available is:

Retail Data
Address & Contact Details
Major Tenant GLAR (sqm)
Specialty Tenant GLAR (sqm)
Total GLAR
Office Area
Retail Vacancy
Office Vacancy
Tenant List
Pedestrian Estimate
Centre Classification
Geocodes (latitude & longitude)
Car spaces
Operating Costs
Specialty Tenant List
Office Data
Vacancy (direct and sublease)
Stock levels (sqm)
Stock supplied to the market
Stock withdrawn from the market
Net absorption (tenant demand)
Future supply
Office Strata Market
Operating Costs  
Investment (income return & capital growth)

For any enquiries, please contact the Research Department:

Ryan Farrow, Research Analyst
John Nguyen, National Research Manager